The best systems for the construction of competition pools and sports clubs

The construction of competition pools and sports clubs requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable regulations, as well as an understanding of how end users will interact with the pool. Beyond the installation of the pool itself, its long-term maintenance, cleaning and efficiency must be taken into account.  

In this guide you will find…

  • The essential aspects of pools for competition events and sports clubs
  • The regulations for each type of pool
  • The best construction systems, both for competition pools and for sports clubs
  • Accessories that will guarantee the proper functioning of each pool . 

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When designing a competition pool or a pool for a sports club, it is always advisable to choose the most efficient solution for the construction process, the athlete’s performance and the maintenance. In this eBook you will find the World Aquatics regulations that each type of competition pool must comply with, as well as the construction systems and accessories for competition pools and sports club pools that will help you get the most out of it. 

Build competition and sports clubs pools

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