Commercial pool: the perfect solution to enhance user experience

Commercial pools are the pools found in commercial facilities open to the public such as sports clubs, hotels, and municipal facilities. They are intended to offer a particular target public the possibility to enjoy the water in a variety of ways, whether for entertainment, relaxation or to practice water sports, etc. Are you thinking about designing or building one? Are you aware of the multiple varieties that are available in the market? In this ebook, you will find all you need to know of the different design solutions for public pools that add will add value to any public establishment and optimize the user experience, running costs and energy efficiency.

What’s inside:

  • What does a commercial pool offer to each sector?
  • Types and uses of commercial swimming pools
  • Trend sand innovative technical solutions
  • Description of the necessary equipment
  • Bill of quantities

Don’t miss it:

This book summarises the core selection of resources and solutions available for designing, calculating and equipping an entire commercial pool, based on its use and set-up. Don’t miss the opportunity to download this helpful resource and become an expert on public pools.

Commercial pool solutions

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