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The complete guide to competition pools

The design and construction of a competition pool are complex since there are many aspects to be taken into account. For instance, we must make sure that it complies with a set of clear rules: rules for the basin size, determined by FINA, and for the water quality that improves athletes’ performance. Do you what they are? This ebook sums up the most suitable selection of resources and solutions available to design, size, calculate and equip an Olympic pool, ready to host the most demanding international swimming disciplines and competitions.

What’s inside:

  • Olympic swimming pool solution description
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability criteria
  • Major sports events: what rules need to be followed?
  • Description of equipment
  • Project schedule: finish your project on time
  • Solution technical description

Don’t miss it:

If you want to know more, download this guide in which we put forward the most functional, inexpensive, cost-effective and sustainable construction model as is possible that is also of high quality. Get a full building that complies with all the spaces required for staging Olympic competitions, world championships, national and regional championships, all in line with the EU and FINA’s current regulations.


Competition pool solutions

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