The growth of wellness industry: a new opportunity for wellness pools

The wellness industry has grown in recent years. Consumers are spending more money on their health and experiences instead of traditionally popular areas. Wellness pools, as a central part of many environments, allow visitors to have immersive, relaxing and beneficial experiences for their health. But, ¿how wellness pools have to operate to guarantee consumer’s wellness? ¿How does the industry respond in order to supply these consumer needs? 

What’s inside

This ebook contains all you need to know about the design and maintenance of wellness pools:

  • Key elements and importance of water’s quality and cleanliness.
  • The steps you should follow to ensure sanitation and hygiene for wellness pools.
  • The most recommended filter to guarantee proper filtration.
  • The advantages of using UV-C treatment as a disinfection technology.
  • The key design recommendations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Stay up to date

Consumers are prioritising their wellness more than ever. This is why the wellness industry and wellness pools must respond properly to these demands. But how? In this ebook you will find the main components of wellness pools, as well as a wide variety of recommendations to adapt any pool to the desired wellness, quality and design standards.

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Design recommendations for wellness pools

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