Latest trend in fountains: An attractive solution for interactivity and fun

Dry deck fountains are offered in many different designs. The variations of heights, lights and colors in a row of vertical jets are the center of all eyes of this fountain, for both young and old. Choosing the best construction system becomes essential, as it can make a huge difference between a simple fountain and an authentic work of art that brings water and light to life and integrates perfectly with the environment. 

What’s inside

With this ebook you will learn:

  • The two sides of a dry deck fountain: night and day.
  • Which types of dry deck fountains can we find in the market.
  • Key elements and the importance of lighting.
  • 3 important considerations to take into account when designing your fountain.

Stay up to date

Dry Deck Fountains are the latest trend in the aquatic sector. This innovative solution enables us to create a fountain that does not only work as an ornamental element, but that also creates a leisure and interactive space for any passerby. By reading this ebook, you will understand which is the best construction system and what components are the most effective to build one of them. 

How to choose the best construction system for dry deck fountains

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