pond filter systems

Pond filter systems: finding the ideal solution for naturalised pools & ponds

Natural swimming ponds and pools are seeing a resurgence in popularity, boosted by the public interest in sustainability and more natural solutions. However, these water solutions need to be kept clean and safe, and their water needs to be filtered and of high quality. Pond filter systems are the eco-conscious solution that face this challenge for ponds and naturalized pools.

What’s inside

This ebook contains all you need to know about the design and maintenance of naturalised pools and ponds: 

  • Key characteristics of naturalised ponds and pools and where they are most suitable.
  • The main types of naturalised pools and ponds solutions. 
  • The benefits of naturalised pools and ponds.
  • The key types of pond filter systems and their attributes. 

Stay up to date

Naturalised ponds and pools offer an autentic outdoor environment and they are a key element to enhance a project’s landscaping. What are the right filter systems to use? In this ebook you will find the main pond filter systems and their key characteristics, as well as a wide variety of recommendations to make the best use of naturalised pools and ponds. 


Pond Filter Systems

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