A well-treated pool is a safe place

Since the pandemic began, measures have been taken in many aspects of our life to stop virus transmission. That’s why in April 2020 we were wondering: ¿How can we ensure that a swimming pool is a safe place? However, despite later it was proven that if treated properly, any swimming pool or aquatic facility could become a coronavirus-safe environment, new variants of the virus have appeared, showing a greater infection capacity. So, what is the impact of these variants? Should we take any extra precautions?

What’s inside:

Within this ebook you will find:

  • How to deal with variants of the coronavirus?
  • Which is the proper water treatment that should be applied?
  • Key recommendations for residential pools
  • Key recommendations for public pools

Prevent virus infection: all you need to know

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, it is crucial to take all necessary measures to keep any aquatic facility safe against SARS-CoV-2 virus and its new variants. Throughout this guide, we will see how to treat water both in public and residential swimming pools, with the aim to stop the spread of the initial virus and the new mutations that have emerged, such as the South African, British and Brazilian one.

Safe pool

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