SMART POOLS: Automation, Connectivity and Internet of Things for Commercial Pools

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the ability to control devices remotely and to receive and analyse real-time data allows the processes and activities to be faster and more efficient. 

When it comes to commercial pools, innovative, smart set-ups allow us to provide enhanced experiences for all those concerned in their installation, maintenance and repair. Throughout this guide, discover how Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) combine to create an efficient, safer and more enjoyable experience for operators and users of commercial pools.


What’s inside:

In this ebook we will cover:

  • Key considerations: what are connectivity and IoT and their application to commercial pools
  • What can be controlled and automatised through the Internet of Pools;
  • How connectivity and IoT contribute to an eco-conscious pool management approach;
  • Who these tools and applications are best suited for;
  • How to turn your commercial pool into an automated smart pool with Fluidra’s applications and tools. 

All you need to know… 

Entering the world of IoT and connectivity for pools enables pool operators to reduce their costs and time spent on managing all aspects of their commercial pools, while also boosting consumer satisfaction for end users. This guide covers all the process of connected devices implementation in order to achieve this efficiency and sustainability. 

SMART POOLS: Automation, Connectivity and Internet of Things for commercial pools

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