A Complete guide on the benefits of fountains in hotels and shopping centers

Fountains have a magnetic effect. They provide a refreshing atmosphere, as well as transform and add value to spaces. In this guide on rushes, we show you how they enhance the experience of guests and visitors, as well as how this ornamental solution helps the profitability of shopping malls and hotel operators.

In this guide, you will find…

  • Four Key Benefits of Fonts
  • Sources of Shopping Centers and Hotels
    • Advice
    • Inspiration

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Fountains in shopping malls and hotels have become a highly valued asset for designers and operators in these segments. They are an attractive and dynamic solution for the space, and also positively enhance the experience and flow of guests or users.

In this ebook, you will find the benefits of having fountains in these spaces and how they reinforce the brand image creating a refreshing atmosphere, besides being a playful and educational tool.

Water Fountains for Hotels and Shopping Malls

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