Solutions for a wellness area

Designing and building a wellness area has never been an easy task. Struggling while having to figure out all the elements that must be included is completely normal. Thus, the aim of this ebook is to summarise the core selection of resources and solutions available for designing, dimensioning, calculating and equipping a wellness space suitable for different facilities such as urban wellness centres, sports clubs, spas and thalassotherapy centres.

What’s inside:

  • When and why should we build a wellness space?
  • Distinct areas, distribution and circulation
  • Styles: find the one that best suits your establishment
  • Emotions and sensory experiences
  • The water area: top design tips and value-added
  • Innovative trends in the wellness sector
  • Requirements and technical description

Don’t miss it:

With the goal to guide anyone interested in developing a wellness facility, in this ebook we put forward a complete example of a solution of the essential elements for building a wellness centre in an inner-city luxury hotel of one storey of approximately 1,000 m2. As well as the different areas that make up a wellness facility and the value added by this type of space to establishments that set one up. If you want to know more, fill up the form and download it.


Wellness solutions

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