Wellness center distribution: a guided example

Wellness spaces are oases for clients looking for relaxation and escape from day-to-day concerns. They are also an opportunity to treat or recover from health issues. This is why including a wellness center in a hotel or health center is an excellent addition guaranteed to enhance visitors’ experience and attract new clients to the facilities. But, which elements should be included in a wellness center? ¿How should it be distributed?

What’s inside:

  • Key considerations: what to look for
  • Example of a Wellness center in an exclusive urban hotel
  • Dividing the space
  • The different spaces within a wellness center

All you need to know… 

Wellness centers elevate hotel rankings and make them a more attractive destination. This guide will cover how to lay out the wellness center through a real-life example that includes top tips for successful installation and maintenance.

Wellness center distribution: a guided example

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