Pool filtration: all you need to know for public pools

Achieving totally transparent and hygienic is one of the keys to any type of aquatic installation and the satisfaction of its bathers, in addition to complying with current legislation. For this reason, the filtration and recirculation systems are positioned at the center of the pool cleaning equipment; an efficient and sustainable that guarantees the cleanliness of the water, generating great energy and economic savings.

What’s inside

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about public pool filtration:

  • The filter as a key element for an efficient system.
  • A complete tour of the filtration process.
  • Multiple tips and aspects for optimal filtration.
  • All models of filters for commercial pools.


Stay up to date

An adequate filtration system makes a difference in economic costs and reduces the environmental impact of aquatic facilities. Download the ebook and discover the most advanced filtration technologies!





All you need to know for public pools

Pool filtration

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